Args and Env Vars in Linux/amd64 Assembler

26 Apr 2020

Want to know where your Linux process's command-line args and env vars live on process starup? And how to get them from an assembler program?

Details here.

Counting 1-bits

25 Aug 2019

The book Hacker's Delight has a pretty neat way of counting the 1-bits in an integer. But my exploration shows that modern Intel CPUs have an instruction that do that for you, and that Go's math/bits library takes advantage of that instruction. Nonetheless, I leave notes that spell out the Hacker's Delight solution as obvoiusly as I can.

Details here.

Reusing SQL Prepared Statements in Go

28 Apr 2019

How much time is saved by re-using prepared statements in Go?

Enough to make it worth your while.

Details here.

PostgreSQL 11.2 Compile/Install HOWTO

28 Apr 2019

Another year, another fun version of PostgreSQL to build and install. Details here.

Go Channels/Select

1 Aug 2018

I've been reading parts of Katherine Cox-Buday's Concurrency in Go, and I think this incomplete list of facts about channels and select statements is useful. A full table of channel operation/state/result is on page 75; these notes are just for me and whoever else may find them useful


Select Statements

Cassandra compaction tuning

5 Nov 2017

I finally got around to making a few notes about how to aggressively tune Cassandra compaction for heavily updated tables!

Redis 4.0.2 Compile/Install

5 Nov 2017

I banged out a few notes from my most recent compilation and installation of Redis.

PostgreSQL autovacuum tuning

20 Aug 2017

I have completely re-worked my writeup on tuning PostgreSQL for heavily-updated tables to take into account the usefulness of autovacuum_vacuum_cost_limit.

Latest vim 8 setup

14 Aug 2017

Many minor updates have happened around this site in a year, but the update I decided to put on the front page? My latest vim 8 setup, of course...