Create a new database

I create new dbs just infrequently enough that I never remember the flags I use when creating the db. In this example, I create a database using the SQL_ASCII character encoding (which is sort of the non-character-encoding character encoding, as opposed to, let's say, UTF8 or LATIN1) and collating/sorting based on the C locale, which is the "no locale" (as opposed to, let's say, en_US or fr_CA):

createdb \
    -h myhost \
    -U myuser \
    --echo \
    --owner=myuser \
    --locale=C \  # only psql 9.0 and above
    --encoding=SQL_ASCII \

Or, from the db:

$ sudo su - postgres
$ psql template0
template1=# create database my_new_database with owner = myuser template = template1 
            encoding = 'SQL_ASCII' lc_collate = 'C' lc_ctype = 'C';
template1=# \q